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2.2.1 Soil Mineral Nitrogen Test


Soil Mineral Nitrogen (SMN) – “N Now” per sampling depth

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Soil Mineral Nitrogen (SMN) is the form of Nitrogen in the soil directly available for crop uptake at the time of sampling (“N Now”). The best sampling times are before applying Nitrogen fertiliser, usually from the end of January. If N fertiliser or organic manures have been applied, please wait at least 4-6 weeks before sampling. 

Please note that the SMN test is charged per sampling depth. So if the field is sampled 0 – 30 cm and 30 -60 cm, please add 2 tests to your basket. If the field is sampled 0 – 30 cm, 30 – 60 cm and 60 -90 cm, please add 3 tests to your basket.

Soil samples for SMN have to remain cold in a fridge below 4 °C, but not frozen. If they are not kept cold, mineralisation will take place which will result in an overestimation of the result. It is therefore important to send the samples in insulated boxes with frozen ice packs to keep them cold in transit. If you require insulated boxes, please add “Box delivery” to your basket.


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SMN is extracted in 1M KCl