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2.3.2 Soil Health Plus Test


P, K, Mg, pH, Org C, OM, tN, C:N Ratio, Active C

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This test comprises phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), pH (how acid or alkaline the soil is), organic Carbon (org C), organic matter (OM, how fertile the soil is), total Nitrogen (N), C:N Ratio (a measure of the quality of organic matter) and Active Carbon, a measure of microbial activity in the soil.


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Extraction methods used:

Phosphorus (P): Olsen P extraction (0.5M NaHCO3)

Potassium (K): 1 M Ammonium Nitrate extraction

Magnesium (Mg): 1 M Ammonium Nitrate extraction

pH: Extracted in deionised water

Total Carbon (tC): by dry combustion (DUMAS)

Total Inorganic Carbon (tiC): Acidification with 4M phosphoric acid, analysed on Auto-Calcis

Total Organic Carbon (toC) = total Carbon minus inorganic Carbon

Total Nitrogen (tN): by dry combustion (DUMAS)

Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio (C:N Ratio): Total Carbon divided by total Nitrogen

Active Carbon: Oxidation of permanganate